The growth of industrial production in the UK exceeded forecasts in February

In February, industrial production in the UK increased by 0.6% compared to January. According to the Office for National Statistics, its growth slowed slightly against the January rise of 0.6%, but turned out to be higher than the 0.1% increase predicted by economists. Economists also did not expect an annual growth rate of 0.1%. They assumed it to fall by 0.9%. The coal industry showed a decline in production by 11.1%. At the same time, an increase by 4% was recorded in the oil and gas industry. The volume of production in the manufacturing industry increased on a monthly basis by 0.9% and in annual terms - by 0.6%. Enterprises producing electronics showed the most significant monthly growth in production - by 2.9%. Production in the metallurgical industry grew by 1.6%. Light industry grew by 1.4%.

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